The Home of Genuine Panama Hats

Majesa. The home of genuine panama hats.

Majesa have been one of the largest wholesale supplier of Genuine Panama Hats in Europe for 35 years and are proud winners of the Sustainability World Vision Award for Development.

We are passionate about Panamas, how they are made and their history. Click Here to find out more about the mother daughter team Jenny and Mavi.

If you are interested in buying panamas for your business, take a look at our products by clicking here and complete our online wholesale enquiry form here, or alternatively call us on +44 (0)208 203 0044 and we would be delighted to help you.

World Vision Award Winner for Development Initiative

Samples of our genuine Panama Hats, shaped and finished in the UK

  • CapelineC O Copy
  • LadiesMissyNatBlack Copy
  • Crochet CinnamonC O Copy
  • Extra Large BlackC O Copy
  • BrisadownC O Copy
  • Open Band BrimC O Copy
  • Montecristi DownC O Copy
  • Trimmed CapilimeC O Copy
  • LadiecrochetHH Copy
  • Ladies Rosita Crochet Crown Capeline
  • OpenCrownVentsC O Copy
  • Folder3 5C O Copy
  • Ladies Rosita Edged Capeline
  • Reference8downC O Copy
  • Crochet Striped Trilby
  • Open Crown VanillaC O Copy
  • Folder 8 10C O Copy
  • Ladies Multicoloured Crochet Panama
  • Ladies Rosita New
  • Brisa Snap Brim
  • Reference8 ChampagneC O Copy
  • Ladies Black Natural Spiral Crochet Panama